Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bridge of one hair

Hi folks -

So, i said a while ago that i'd tell you about the production/installation that i'm working on with Jumblies Theatre. It's called Bridge of One Hair, and will be happening down at Harbourfront Center for the Arts April 25th-29th.

Coming out of Jumblies' long-term residency in the Mabelle community in Central Etobicoke, the theatre production braids together different strands of story. A Gaelic fairytale of a brave young girl, the inspiring life-story of a famous Somali poet, and the buried history of the land that Mabelle stands on itself are woven together to make a tapestry-like theatre experience. Involving folks from the community of all ages, professional artists, actors and musicians, an original musical score, puppetry, movement and two choirs, the performance aspect of Bridge of One Hair is an experimental community arts piece taking place outside it's home community.
The installation aspect will be exhibiting the work that Jumblies has been doing with the community members for the past three years. It will provide backstory and context for the project as a whole, as well as giving folks a glimpse of the wonderful work that Mabelle residents have been creating.

For more info, or tickets to the show, you all can go look at Harbourfront's website -

or the Jumblies website -

It's going to be something, so come on over and check it out. This is what i've been working so hard on, with a wonderful team of artists and an amazing group of people who live in the neighbourhood. I always learn so much on productions like this - it's incredible.

Monday, March 19, 2007

lily yeh and the village of arts and humanities

These busy days of production time - about which i'll be telling you all soon - i'm finding myself looking for sustaining bits of inspiration. Lily Yeh's work is a source of that good kind of imagination juice for me. Here is a photo of one mural in the Village of Arts and Humanities, a community arts project/center/revolution in North Philidelphia. I will DEFINITELY be talking more soon about the Village too.
Happy days! Even if the snow is coming down again.
To do research on your own, google 'Lily Yeh' or 'the Village of Arts and Humanities'.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

wouldja look at that

hey folks -
found some amazing pictures of the desert on the internet - the sonoran and mohave desert, and the canyons in utah and arizona. this one was taken by a man named Klaus Lux and you can find them here - math.arizona.edu/~klux/