Thursday, May 31, 2007

in my language

the world is an absolutely amazing place.
so hard to understand and different and complicated, way more complicated, beautiful and heart-wrenching than we can begin to imagine.
my brilliant housemate shelly, who is a talented dancer and choreographer and who also has worked and makes art with people in the disabilities community, showed me this wonderful film posted on YOUTUBE.
Go here and get ready to have your mind and heart opened wider -
A M Baggs lights up the world with her perspective.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

photos of bridge of one hair

a very nice person, a friend of one of the adult choir members, posted a bunch of photos of the show on her flickr site, including this one of Somali superstar Faduma N'kruma.
to see the rest of the photos, go to the flickr site, and do a search for 'bridge of one hair'. there are also a couple up there by Trevor Schwellnus, our genius technical director.
The show was an incredible experience, and an avalanche of details to coordinate. Now we're winding down - will post news of the Lab's coming activities soon.
best - enjoy the springtime!