Friday, March 14, 2008

How much i love our band

Our next gig is on April 23rd at the BREAD Cabaret, at Bread and Circus in Kensington Market. I am excited. I hear it's a small venue, so do what you can to squeeze yourselves in there. There's going to be A LOT of INFLAMMABLES, we'll try not to outnumber the crowd.

***ACTUALLY, THIS GIG NEVER CAME TO BE! BE ON THE ALERT, MY FRIENDS, FOR OUR NEXT APPEARANCE! this post was updated after our unfortunate run-in with fate and mis-remembering.***

I've also discovered that THE INFLAMMABLES has a spiritual sister out there - sort of like a secret Princess Leia to our Luke. If you haven't checked out LESLIE HALL and her amazingness, PLEASE DROP EVERYTHING AND DO SO RIGHT AWAY!
Her band Leslie and the Lys are very very very amazing. If you haven't had your sense of humour removed, go to

or search the beloved YouTube for her brilliantness and good dance moves.

I dug this out of the Lab's archives this afternoon - i love it, and hope you will too. It's a press release from a couple of years ago.


The ever-fabulous RED Cabaret will be happening at
Lula Lounge again on FEBRUARY 1ST - and Cardboard
heart has some amazingness to share. It's THE
INFLAMMABLES!!! Part rock/folk/doo-wop band, part
ambassadorial envoy from the collective imagination,
and part revolutionary heart-stopping love-machine -
THE INFLAMMABLES will try to tickle your fancy,
squeeze you and please you, and leave you feeling
better than before.

THE INFLAMMABLES - unstoppable performance
crunch/jive/puppet band, is made up of a loose
collection of brilliant and talented musicians and
performers. At RED they will be represented by Andrea
Peneycad, Songstress and Chief Wheezedoodler,
and Noah "Thrash/Slash-Hug-Attack" Kenneally, Plunker
and All-Around-Humdinger. They will be playing
selections from their first album OMYGOD WHIZBANG
JAMBOREE. Don't miss it!!!

I shall keep thee all posted on the details.