Monday, September 10, 2007

a little catching up

HOwdy folKS!

Well - i have a wee bit of catching up to do - things have been flying feirce and ferocious, and only in the best possible ways.

alleyjaunt was a GAS!! Not only did we all have a really great time - not only were our hosts super-wonderful, with four great kids who helped us set up - not only did the folks who came to visit us seem to have a good experience - we were awarded the MOST FUN award by the Children's Choice awards!!!
What a treat. We received a trophy made of mostly of chocolate, wax and pipe cleaners, which we positioned in a place of honour in our garage. We'll put up some photos, as soon as the kooks distribute them.


Then after that, Leah Houston and Cardboard heart's very own Junior Assistant Imaginaut noah Kenneally put together a kick-butt community arts project out in Etobicoke. Called Lantern Garden, It was an outdoor art project for kids and families in a little parkette that is in the middle of the Toronto Community Housing Neighbourhood known as Mabelle. Noah and Leah have been working there with Jumblies Theatre for the past few years and put this great little project together with the help of Jumblies and the Lawrence Family Foundation.

We made lanterns, drew pictures, planted herbs and flowers, drew on rocks, repaired and decorated one of the park benches, repainted the wading pool, told stories, did some sidewalk chalk art, ate snacks and generally had a good time. Here are some pictures from that.

Leah took this photo - Qadar, Osama, Farrah and noah putting the bench back together.

Leah also took this photo - this is the wading pool, freshly repainted by us and the kids.

Noah took this photo - the lantern festival, a celebration of our project - almost 150 folks showed up! We lit the lanterns we'd made, ate cookies and drank lemonade together.

OK! So that's caught up now! Stay tuned for more wild and crazy stories, y'all!

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