Sunday, February 10, 2008

oh dear


it's been a while since i put anything up. YIKES! i have been busy, working on gearing up the Islington Junior Middle School Giant Puppet Pageant and keeping going on various things with The Gathering Space. I'll be telling you more about the puppet pageant as it progresses, and you can always go to the Gathering Space blog at - Many happy surprises there!

really, tho - these days i'm excited about iceland. saw a wonderful film about the band Sigur Ros and their tour of their home doing 10 free concerts in remote areas. It's called Heima and i'm jazzed by it, and by them, and by their amazingly beautiful country.

check these out - sigur ros videos on youtube:

hoppipolla -
glosoli -

found this beautiful photo on the internet, by a man named Marc Isberg. That's what Iceland looks like! Wow!

more soon...

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Chris said...

hey Noah, It's Chris here from Gibraltor Point...I managed to track you down after some google stalking (i could remember the "cardboardheart" bit but not your email adress :) Anyway i'd love to catch up and get some advice on a puppet i'm (still!) building.. Let me know if you have some time..
Take Care,
Chris Flanagan